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June 23: A big decision

On Thursday 23 June British voters will decide if Britain should continue its membership of the European Union

Working people have a big stake in the referendum because workers’ rights are on the line. The TUC is concerned that leaving the EU puts at risk many vital workplace rights currently underpinned by EU law – such as paid holidays, maternity rights, safety at work and better conditions for part-time workers. We don’t trust our current government or brexit leaders not to cut or reduce or cut these rights if they get the chance.

With so much of our trade going to the EU, leaving would risk millions of jobs in export-reliant industries. If these skilled and better paid jobs go they’ll be replaced with worse jobs, if they’re replaced at all.

Most economists agree our economy would take a big hit followed by years of uncertainty, cutting the tax take and putting already overstretched funding for our NHS and public services at even greater risk.

We want to see a Europe that helps British workers benefit from a growing and fairer economy, with new rights for the 21st century. We’ll have to work for it – but unions are used to doing that. What we can’t afford is an isolated UK rushing to deregulate away our hard-won rights and core industries.

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“We build some of the best cars in the world. Big manufacturers are in the UK so they can sell easily across Europe. If we leave, millions of decent, high skilled jobs could go.”

Stuart Davies

“I love the NHS, the best health service in the world. But I’m worried if we leave the economy will suffer and there will be far less money for public services.”


“My new boss was going to make me work longer for less pay. What they were trying to do was illegal under EU law. I’m not going to risk losing that.”


“I’m currently on maternity leave. Being able to take time off work for antenatal appointments and scans made life a lot easier for me.”